Video's to Answer your Questions

For those questions you have about AutoCare and Maintenance

With the help of AutoNet TV, we have compiled a comprehensive Video Library that should help you answer some of those questions you have about your vehicle and it's maintenance.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  Click on the question that is relevant to what you need, and watch the video.  This library will be continuously growing so check back as often as you like.Just click on the link that interests you and a video on the subject will play. 

Click the Service Schedule button to download a Service Interval Guideline.  See your owners manual for specifics on your vehicle. 

Engine Questions Fuel Economy and System Questions General Maintenance Questions
My 'Check Engine' light is on.   What does that mean? How can I improve my fuel economy? Does my new car really need maintenance?
  Why do I need to know about  fuel injectors? How often do I need to have my older vehicle serviced?
My car's hard to start & stutters; what does that mean? How can I make my car last longer than 200K miles?
When do I need a professional fuel system cleaning? Is there harm in skipping an oil change?
Specific Part Questions   When should I get my air conditioner checked?
Timing Belts Why do I need to have my air conditioner checked?
PCV Valve Replacement   Why should I have my headlamps maintained?
Tire & Wheel Questions Auto Care Questions General News & Information
How important are the wheel bearings and why? How will I know if an AutoCare is taking care of me? How can I protect my car from theft?
How do I determine if I have an alignment issue? What are questions to ask an AutoCare Center? Vehicle Recall Notices - who gets them and why?
What should I know before I buy new tires? What is ASE Certification and why should I care? Leasing -vs- Buying - help with the decision process.
How do I maintain my tires?   OE 'Original Equipment'   -vs-  Aftermarket Parts
What should I know before I put larger tires/wheels on?    
Why do I need to have my tires rotated?    
What should I know before I buy new tires and wheels?    
Brake Questions    
Why is it important to have my brakes serviced?    


Short on time?  60 Second Car Care Tip Clips

Benefits of a Repowered Engine Gas Saving Tips Cabin Air Filter
The 21st Century Tune Up Preparing your Vehicle for a Long Trip Tips to a Greener Car
Caring for your car Check Engine Tip Benefits of Regularly Changing your Oil
Winterizing your car Spring Car Maintenance Tip Tire Pressure